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Phoenix Homes Queensland has provided this Frequently Asked Questions to help assist in any enquiry. These questions and answers are of generic nature. If you need any further information, please contact us.

Phoenix Homes Queensland is a custom home builder so we will build your home to suit your needs and individuality. You decide what you want to include in your home, and we’ll concentrate on the quality finish and getting it right!
Yes we do have standard plans but can do custom plans to meet your needs. No – No two blocks of land are the same.
We build on the Gold Coast as well as both on the north and south sides of Brisbane.
We do have our own architect and draftsperson. We have an excellent working relationship with our architectural design consultant and he understands our processes. We prefer to concentrate on what we do well – Building homes! We will oversee the entire process from first meeting until handover.
There are two stages, the design stage and the building stage. Every situation is different, the design stage can take months of planning. This stage depends on how quickly decisions are made and includes design, product and colour choices, costing and building permits. The building stage can take 3 months.
Yes. It is an exciting time to watch your dream unfold. This is under arrangement with our construction manager on site. It is important that you take care on all building sites as there are many hazards. We want you to meet with you regularly on site to walk through your home during construction.
The cost of the home is driven by you. It is difficult to put a specific cost per square metre, as there are many variables that will influence the price, for example, the land, the house design and the selection items, such as exterior cladding, floor coverings, lighting, appliances etc.
Yes we are happy to provide you with a fixed price contract.
Your contract will advise how many progress payments are made, how much each payment will be and the timing of each progress payment.
If your project involves:
  • Load Bearing Walls to be Moved
  • Heads over Windows
  • Retaining Walls over 1 Metre High
  • Decks to be Built over 850mm off the Ground
  • Anything Involving a Roof Structure
  • Raising/Moving a House
  • Digging Out Under the House Greater than 1 Metre Deep
  • Slabs to be Built
  • Work Less than 6 Metre from Front & Rear Boundary
  • Work Less than 1.5 Metres from Each Side of Boundary
  • Internal/External Stairs
  • Additional Toilets/Showers/Baths
  • Additional Extensions
Then Yes you will need to acquire plans and you will need council approval to build it.